Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Whispering Willows Review (PS Vita)

Game: Whispering Willows
Developer: Night Light Interactive
Price: $12.49 ($9.99 PS+)
Cross-Buy: PS4 and PSVita
Size: 1.1 GB

Whispering Willows is a side-scrolling horror/adventure game with beautiful graphics developed by Night Light Interactive.
In this game, you will control a girl named Elena, a young girl who is searching for her missing father. With the help of her amulet, she will be able to transform to a spirit form and interact with the other spirits to solve the mysteries about the mansion and her missing father.
The story begins when Elena decided to search for her missing father in the Willows mansion where her father work. The first thing she encountered inside was a ghost of a woman who spooked her and sent her to the bottom of the HELL!! ... oh wait.. she just fell in the catacombs. After falling, you will now be able to control Elena. You have the ability to morph to a spirit form thanks to the amulet that you are carrying with you. In spirit form, you can move objects, flip switch and talk to the other spirits. Your amulet will also glow blue when a spirit is near or it will glow red when an evil spirit is near. You will encounter spirits that you will need to help to advance to the story. They will ask you to find things or do something for them. There are some evil spirits that will try to kill you. There are some puzzles here and there that you will need to solve. You can also freely explore the area in spirit and human form. There are some hidden areas in the game that you can explore to unlock the hidden trophies. You will also meet a similar character in one hidden area.
The left analog stick is used to move around, Square is used to morph to spirit and human mode, Triangle is for the inventory, Circle is for cancel and Cross to interact.

This is a good horror/adventure game but with less enemies to deal with. The eerie background music is what I like in the game. Only thing I didn't like in the game is the lack of map and the slow loading time when moving to a different area. It will take 5-9 minutes to move to a different area. The game will save automatically when you move to a different area. So whenever you die, you will just re-spawn on the last save point. There is actually enemies that will chase you around randomly. Would have been awesome if there was one. This game took me almost 4 hours to finish. This game is best played with a headset or earphone while alone in your room and lights are off.

Score: ➌。➎  / ➎


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