Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Breach & Clear Review (PS Vita)

Game: Breach & Clear
Price: $14.99
Size: 694MB

Breach & Clear is a tactical strategy simulation game. In this game, you will be controlling a variety of special operations teams from around the world. You will be doing missions like killing the terrorist, diffusing a bomb and planning an escape route for your team. You will be using numerous types of weapons to help you on your missions.
You can move the camera with the Left Analog Stick.
Rotate and zoom camera with the Right Analog Stick.
Toggle the view from isometric to top-down by pressing the icon on the bottom left of the screen or pressing the Triangle button.
Select soldier by pressing L/R Button or tapping their icon.
Tap the soldier to Undo way point by pressing Circle.
Confirm or Select by pressing Cross.
Select is used for Options Menu.
Pressing the Start button will launch your commands.
You can only use the touch screen to navigate the main menu and in-game.
••Squad Creation••
Before you start the game, you will first need to create your own squad. There are different types of squads to choose from and each squad has different specialty.
After you've chosen your Squad, you can now choose the face for each of your soldiers. There are 4 members in your squad.
After choosing a face, you can now choose the class of each soldier. There are 6 classes to choose from and master. The full potential of each class can be unlocked when you've reached a certain level.
••Leveling Up your Soldiers••
In this game, your soldiers can gain experience after completing a mission. Leveling up a soldier will give him Skill Points. Skill points can be used to improve your skills. There are 6 skills to improve in this game. Reaction Time, Accuracy, Speed, Health, Leadership and Evasion.
There are 3 types of missions to play in this game. Terrorist Hunt, Bomb Defusal and Escape Plan.
°Terrorist Hunt - In this mode, you will need to kill all terrorist in the area to clear the mission.
°Bomb Defusal - In this mode, you will need to find and defuse the bomb in the area to clear the mission.
°Escape Plan - In this mode, you will need to safely guide your soldiers to the extraction point to clear the mission.
There are 7 Countries to choose from for each type. Each Country have 5 missions. There are a total of 105 missions to clear in this game. Each mission will only take 1-20 minutes each depending on your tactical approach. You will gain experience points, money and stars after completing each mission.
••Breaching Method••
There are 4 types of breaching methods to choose from.
°Normal - Your squad member will kick the door to open it.
°Shotgun - Your squad member will shoot the door first before opening it. This method will damage the enemies closer to the door.
°Explosive - You soldier will place and detonate explosive on the door. This method will kill or damage enemies closer to the door.
°Pick Lock - Your squad member will pick the lock on the door to open it. This method will never alert the enemies.
••Planning your Actions••
In this game, you will need to plan your actions carefully to avoid losing your soldiers. You can move your soldiers per turn. Your enemies doesn't take any turn. They will also move as your soldiers move. Some enemies will stay hidden when inside a building. So, it is always best to just place a soldier beside a door to look inside first before going in to avoid getting killed. You can also use Perks, throw grenades or flash bang or check your enemies information during each turn.
You can buy and sell Weapons, Gears and Consumables in the Marketplace. The Marketplace can be found on the Main Menu. You will need Money to buy in the Marketplace. Money can be acquired after completing a mission.
Perks are your soldier's class skills. Each Class have different sets of Perks to unlock and use. You can gain stronger Perks after gaining a certain levels.

This is a good tactical simulation game for PS Vita. There are a lots of missions to complete and lots of weapons to unlock. You will need to grind some missions to level up your soldiers and gain more money to buy weapons and equipment for your soldiers. There are some bugs present in the game thought. You will also notice that the menus and text are a bit small and almost hard to read. The game doesn't have any storyline. Other than that, still an enjoyable game that you will take precious hours of your life.

Score: ➌。➎ / ➎


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