Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy Review (PS Vita)

Game: Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy
Developer: NIS America
Price: $39.99
Size: 1.2 GB
Release Date: June 9, 2015

Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy is a Dungeon RPG game from NIS America. This game is exclusively available for PS Vita.
The story begins with you waking up in a sewer. As you look around, you noticed some corpses lying around. Suddenly, a mysterious young man appeared out of nowhere and telling you that you have been kidnapped and that he is there to rescue you. After a while, he told you that your captors are back. When you look behind you, you saw a bunch of hideous monsters coming close to you and probably wanted to make you their dinner. As the hideous monsters walks slowly towards you, the mysterious young man tells you that you need to run away and he will take care of the enemies. You runs toward the door leaving the mysterious young man behind. After running for a while, a huge alligator like monster appeared and blocked your path. The mysterious young man tried to stop the monster but it was too much for him to handle. Then, a mysterious young girl suddenly appeared. She shouted "Code-Rise". Then, a shinning armor transformed on her. She fought the monster and defeated it. After defeating the monster, she explained the situation to you. She then took your hand with her soft hand and took you somewhere private.... eerrr.. I mean to their secret headquarters. This is now where your story begins as a member of the Xth Squad. You will be facing different types of monsters, taking a lot of mission, interacting with the other characters, grinding, upgrading, etc.
Left analog stick - Press up to move forward, press down to turn around, press left to turn left and press right to turn right.
Right Analog Stick - Press up to move forward, press down to move backward, press the left or right to strafe to the left or right.
Triangle - Pressing it will open the Commands.
Cross - Pressing it will investigate the floor or the wall in front of you.
Circle - Pressing it will let you leave MEMO on the floor.
Square - Pressing it will open the map of the current floor.
••Squad members••
In this game, you can create your own squad members or go along with the default members of your squad. You can change the Name, Age, Sex, Trait, Looks, Type, Voice and Blood code of your members.
••Leveling Up••
Your squad members will only level up after resting in the Medical Lab after acquiring a certain experience points. Your experience points will only stack up on the battlefield and will only be spent after resting. So, always remember to go back to your headquarters and rest in the Medical Lab to level-up your members. The "Lv" icon will blink red if one of your member is ready to level-up. Your squad member can unlock skills after acquiring a certain level. You will also spend the point manually to your desired attributes.
There are 2 ways to get new equipment. One is by buying it and another is through crafting. You can craft powerful equipment in the Development Lab by spending junk and materials. The needed junk and materials can be acquired after defeating a monster, on the field or from stripping your unwanted equipment.
••Network Functions••
Activating this mode in the options will enable the ability to send and receive memos from the other players online. Memos are very helpful. These memos are placed by the other players. They may help you find the coordinates for a secret item, target location or just warn you with the danger ahead.

This is actually my first time playing a Dungeon RPG game and never thought that I would be hooked to a game like this. I do love JRPG games though but this is my first time playing a first person RPG game. What I love the most here is the feature that lets me travel automatically on a visited location by tapping or choosing it on the map screen and pressing the "GO" button. This really helps when you wanted to go to a certain spot on the map without moving your squad manually. Grinding is also easy in this game. I can easily speed up the battle by holding the X button to save up time. Most of the time, another group of enemies will suddenly appear after your fight. I once had 10 continuous encounter. I almost felt like it will never end but glad that I can speed up the battle. There are plenty of characters to interact in this game, each with their own personality. Some conversations are funny while the others are just plain serious. The story is good. I also like the background music in the game. Really brings out the mood on each area. This game have almost everything that I wanted in a game. A good story, crafting, grinding, character customization, automatic travel, manual allocation of attribute points and the speed up feature in a battle. Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy becomes my new favorite game. This game officially made me a fan of Dungeon RPG game. I will now look forward on playing more games of this genre. This is a must have for Dungeon RPG lovers and a must try for the other gamers new to the genre.

Score: ➍ / ➎


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