Wednesday, August 5, 2015

NekoBuro - Cats Block Review (PS Vita)

Game: NekoBuro - Cats Block
Developer: FK Digital
Publisher: Neko Entertainment
Release Date: July 7, 2015
Price: $7.99
Size: 176 MB

NEKOBURO : CatsBlock is a block matching puzzle game developed by FK Digital. This game came out last year in Japan.
This is a story of 6 cute square shaped alien cats who got separated from each other because of a strong solar storm. They all ended up on Earth. Their leader Totan, finds a human slave.. I mean a girl named Rino, who took him home as a pet. Rino doesn't understand what the Totan is saying and only treating Totan as an ordinary pet. Meanwhile, Totan thinks that the girl was a human slave and treats him like a God. Now, he begins his epic quest to find his lost friends and save the world from utter destruction. (Okay, I made that last part up.)
In this game, You must connect 3 same colored block cats to destroy it. (Why destroy these cute square cats? The horror!) You can line them up horizontally, diagonally and vertically. There are also items that can help you on each stage. These items, when triggered, can destroy all blocks in a certain direction, can clear blocks in a certain space, etc. Each stage has a different type of quest to complete to clear a stage. Quest like matching a certain amount of colored blocks, using an item for a certain amount, survive until the time expires, etc. There are also obstacles appearing in some stage that will make you poop and shout nyaaa~.
There are 2 game modes in this game. A Story mode and a Survival mode which can be unlocked later on in the game.
You can decorate your room and make it even more cute and manly. (Ah yes, that sofa with cute pink heart pillow and that cute pink checkered bedsheet is soooo kawai. Nyaaa~) You can unlock the other decoration by clearing a certain mission or doing some quest that will make you poop rainbow.
In your room, you can interact with the cute square shaped cats. You can play with them using the toys that you will need to unlock first. Shoot them with bubbles to make them float in mid-air and plummet down to the ground leaving their lifeless body covered with their own blood. (Just Kidding!)
There are some other things to do on your television. You can check some funny and cute illustrations, view each cat's profile, view a short funny comics from each cat and view the story you've unlocked so far.

This is a great game to play specially if you're bored, travelling, pooping or just feeling tired with your Pew Pew games and wanted something different to play. The story is funny. Each story is fully Japanese voiced. There are 5 stages with 10 missions in each stage. This game is just pure fun and overloaded with cuteness that will make you say nyaaaa~! And now, if you will excuse me, I have to punch a wall to feel manly again.

Score: ➌。➎ / ➎


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