Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Shovel Knight Review (PS Vita)

Game: Shovel Knight
Developer: Yacht Club Games
Price: $14.99
Size: 465MB

Shovel Knight is a very addicting 8-bit style side-scrolling adventure game. The game was developed by Yacht Club Games. In this game, you will be controlling a Knight with his mighty Shovel. Your quest is to defeat the evil Enchantress and save his lost beloved.
- This game features an 8-bit style graphics. This is not for the people who only like good graphics.
- There are many quest/stage to play in this game. There is also an overworld map kung saan pwede ka mamili ng susunod na quest na lalaruin mo. Pwede mo rin balikan yung ibang quest na natapos mo na para makaipon ng pera.
- Each story quest has a boss. Some boss are easy to defeat while others are just plain evil.
- There are are also special boss and quest that will randomly appear whenever you finish a stage. Defeating the boss or stage will grant you special item or lots of gold.
- You can buy upgrades for your shovel to make it even more powerful. Upgrades requires gold.
- You can also upgrade your Health and Mana by spending Gold on the first town. Some Meal Ticket (Health Upgrade) can also be acquired on some levels.
- You can also buy Armor. Each armor has different skill or bonus.
- There are lots of mini-games in this game. You can receive lots of Gold or Music Note as a reward when you finish them.
- Relics will also help you on your quest. You can only equip one Relic. Relics uses mana.
- The BGM fits the retro style of the game.
- You can edit the controls to your liking.
- There is no game over in this game. You will only lose Gold when you die and resurrect on the last save point you've activated.
I didn't expect that I will be addicted to this game. I thought that it will be just another short easy game but I was wrong. Parang Castlevania x Mario type yung game. Some Quests in this game I think are made by the devils. Pinaliguan ko ng mura yung isang stage sa game. My 20k Gold savings ay nawala na parang bula after dying so many times on that cursed quest. My total game time is now 5 hours and I am still not done with the game yet.
- Awesome retro BGM
- 8-Bit Style Graphics
- Great Boss Battles
- Lots of Challenging Quest
- Upgradable Armor and Weapon
- Some Hellish Quest

Score: ➎ / ➎

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