Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Summon Night 6: Lost Borders Review (PlayStation Vita)

Written by JM Nuqui

Title: Summon Night 6: Lost Borders
Developer: Felistella, Media.Vision
Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment, Gaijinworks
Genre: RPG, Strategy
Price: $39.99
Also Available On: PS4

It's almost the end of 2017 and we still have few games left to play and surprisingly, for PS VITA. Summon Night 6 is one of the few Summon Night games that were localized. It was actually on my list of top anticipated games for PS VITA for 2017 and here I thought also that it’s one the last games for the system. We still have a few more next year. But lets review Summon Night 6 first if it's one that you should try before the year ends.

Summon Night 6 is a Strategy X Visual Novel game. You might shoot me that most of the Simulation RPG(SRPG in Japan) games were visual novel types since it has talking heads during cutscenes well this one is heavy text based than action. There were lots of moments that focuses on none sense day to day activity in the world of Fullujah. Things fall randomly on the sky on this world. Raj our protagonist, after a long time being the lone human in this world, finally found human company. Later I found out that this is a reunion of Summon Night characters and them falling from the sky randomly is the developers way of combining these guys together to ravel the mystery behind why they were summoned to Fullujah in the first place.

So, for the basics. The graphics is great and crisp. I am playing this game on a PS VITA and I must that it looks great on the system. Sound quality is superb. It has that Tales series kick on it. Like the graphics, its catchy yes and it’s as good as the graphics. What I don't like though is the voice quality which is downgraded and compressed to the lowest quality. Gameplay wise, its great as well. For navigating the world of Fullujah, You just click the map on where you want to go. Events will be highlighted with and exclamation mark so you'd know that something is up for that area. Everything here is pretty straight forward.

If you're a seasoned SRPG player, you'd be pretty at home here. Unlike the chess/grid style on most SRPG's here, you move freely on a specific space and placement will give you either advantage or disadvantage so we apply strategy here. After each battle, you'd gain experience points which you can distribute amongst the members that joined the battle. Members who kills though, gets more skill points to be used for extra stats boosts which is great as you'd be able to choose freely which character to level up and be able to boost weak party members. You can customize your characters classes and summons via in game menu. Certain classes can equip certain weapons but this is just a text update and you'd not see any visual upgrades with the looks of your character. One of the features I liked is the auto battle which is good if you just want to level up each party member.

Now let's talk about the Summons. Summon Arts is a technique where you call out Summons to help you in battle. It can help attack, heal and perform other useful stuff. Using Summons consume MP and you can buff their skills via Patches' Blacksmith section where you could also buff your weapons.

Lots of positives eh? The biggest weak point of this game is the story itself. You are bombard with a lot of text and if you are not a fan of Summon Night series which majority of us for sure will not be, you’ll for sure skip a lot of the in game dialogues. This is like the Tales of the World(Tales Series) for Summon Night. There're tons of events and majority were all silly moments between the characters. There's an archive gallery where in you can learn the back story of each character. But if you are not a fan of heavy text reading. You won't enjoy this heavy story grind.

I'd really like to recommend this game since seldom we find SRPGs these days. But the story is pulling me back to recommend this to anyone who is not a fan. Summon Night 6: Lost Border's story is confusing and the heavy text for this game will bore you. BUT if you are a fan of Summon Night or curious about the series this is something you’d might want to check out.

  • Solid SRPG for PSVITA 
  • Superb Visuals 
  • Great introduction for Summon Night series

  • Heavy text reading 
  • Lots of silly and confusing events
  • Compressed voice

Overall 3.5/5