Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Sparkle Unleashed Review (Nintendo Switch)

Written by JM Nuqui

Title: Sparkle Unleashed
Developer: 10tons
Publisher: 10tons Ltd.
Genre: Puzzles, Action
Price: $7.99
Also Available On: Android, iOS, Amazon, PS4, XB1, PS3, PSV, Steam  Mac

My Grandpa used to play Back Street Billiards for the Original Playstation when he's at shift in our Video rental services way back for pass time. Fast forward we moved to a PC Rental business and he upgraded to playing Zuma and online games. So I developed a term called Lolo games or Grandpa games in English as these games were free for all even our grandparents can play. Sparkle is one of those games and it recently got released for Nintendo Switch.

Everyone is pretty much familiar with what Sparkle is and how It's played. It's very similar to Zuma Match three marbles before it goes inside the black hole. Well that’s it fairly easy right? Well, it gets more complicated as you finish levels or Days as what it's called on this game. There are various power ups that you'll unlock to help you with the stages such as Firebolts which destroy single Orbs, Spark Blast which destroy Nine Orbs, Backwards which pushes Marbles backwards and Many more.

The game is buttery smooth and it runs at constant 60 FPS per second and the sound is no joke either as it sounds fantastic. The fantastic sound was from the compositions of Jonathan Geer. It felt like you're playing a much more serious game than a simple game of marbles due to its amazing sound. Wished there's an option to change the Marbles though since there's pretty much nothing to do on this game. No daily challenges, no online scoreboard and no multiplayer. There's an achievement and Survival mode but that's about it. I have no complaints on that but it could be better if it had that.

It's quite addicting and I found myself playing hours upon hours of this game. The stages were short and simple and does the job If you need to pull a game during coffee breaks. It's one of those games that you can play if you get tired of grinds in Xenoblade or Adventuring in Zelda. The simplicity and music is just addicting and I highly recommend this game to everyone including Grandpas.

  • Superb Graphics 
  • Addicting Gameplay
  • Fantastic Soundtrack 

  • Limited features

Overall: 4.5/5