Wednesday, April 19, 2017

RWBY: Grimm Eclipse Review (PlayStation 4)

Written By: Ilonia Xynapse

Genre: Hack n Slash
Developer: Rooster Teeth Games
Publisher: Rooster Teeth Games
Price: $19.99
Release Date: January 17, 2017
Also Available On: XB1, Steam

I want to start in a introduction of the game, but sadly this game just let you go straight into the bat by letting you kill all the monster in the map and some dude in the phone told you that you need to collect this relic and protect this control center that look like a generator until all the waves of monster that want to destroy it is done (No Love for new gamers who might get hook on the series. Maybe they just assume that everyone knows RWBY, the game doesn’t even tell me who the hell I’m using since there are 8 characters with no character descriptions). Don’t want to react yet on the introduction but I can’t help it.

The Gameplay is pretty much your typical hack n slash games, a nice fast paced gameplay combine with good BGM and I notice the Voice Actors are the ones from the series too ( I need to watch some episode of RWBY just to check if the voice actors are the same). Playing the game by yourself is not enjoyable, it’s much better to play with random people online or with your friends online. The game map is not super empty but every time a battle is done, it feels like you’re in a deserted island (It feels like playing an unfinished DEMO or Early Development stage of a game) and the game is challenging in the first 1 or 2 hours but after you get used with the controls and learned some new skills with your characters, the game pretty much becomes easy.

My Opinion
RWBY GRIMM ECLIPSE is a game only for those who are a hardcore fan of RWBY series, now me as a new comer to the game/series. I find this game bland and not replayable (In My Opinion). I know the series fans will be mad but you can’t blame me, the game feels like a DEMO of a supposedly a great game. But all in all, the game is pretty much decent for a RWBY series hardcore fan (Maybe). The game price is kind of acceptable too somehow (for a game that will give you a unfinished game vibe it’s not bad). This game made me scratch my head…



3.5/10 for a newcomer (for the effort and price)

And so in the end it comes down to..

WHO CARES ABOUT MY OPINION. Go buy it now in PSN Store for $19.99 and experience the game by yourself…