Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Nintendo Switch Monthsary Rap Impression

Written By: Philip Rodriguez [Ipe Fosho]

Rated PG

This rap is not a review
But impression for my crew
Break it down yo...

Nintendo Switch is now a month old
There are a few flaws
And not everyone is sold
Though not everyone is sold
The console is still bold
Chiki, chicki... 

Switch is like a tablet with distinct concept
It can be a handheld that do not fit in pocket
You can play on TV with your doll Eevee
Tabletop with a friend that can last til' the end
Joy-Con, Pro Con whatever you prefer
These controller works for every player
Chicki, chicki...

Playin' Legend of Zelda
While watchin' Godzilla
Playin' Metal Slug 3
While drinkin' coffee
Playin' Snake Pass
But this game kicked my ass
These are the games
That made my day fast

Has-Been Heroes, I paid zero
Fast RMX, you can play with ex
MK8, is not too late
Splatoon 2, ugh not for you
And that ARMS, I know I have two

Switch is Nintendo that you can play solo
Switch is Nintendo, also amiibo
Nintendo has decided to be smarter
Coz this console gen is all about power
Their marketing is good
Everyone understood
Switch is sold out
Which the news talks about
I'm glad Nintendo Switch
Has done well and did not fell 

E3 is near and gamers will all cheer 
Fanboys aside plus more games will arrive 

Peace out!!!