Monday, March 20, 2017

Shantae ½ Genie Hero Review (Playstation Vita)

Written by Joel Lopez

Game Title
: Shantae ½ Genie Hero
Genre: Action / Platformer
Developer: WayForward Technologies
Publisher: WayForward Technologies
Also Available On: Xbox One, Playstation 4, Wii U & Microsoft Windows

Developer WayForward one of the flagship game Shantae released a new game in the series Shantae Half Genie Hero. This game was supported and created from Kickstarter backers thanks to the fans of the series. The game was released on various consoles including PS Vita. The game is a 2D platformer type game which includes various puzzles, learn new abilities, and characters to unlock.


Game Background:
Like other Shantae game, the story starts on a thing that discover by someone. For this story it was by her uncle. Then pirates stole it and you need to recover it until it will become the root cause of all conflict that you need to defeat. Nice story eh? In the story you will encounter various bosses that when you defeat will unlock new skills to continue the story.

Game Plot:
Like other new platformer game, you will start as weak character. Majority of control will be forward right, jump, dash, attack and that's it. Simple controls that you almost know like in any other platformer but the real deal here is how the game itself.

Graphics and sound of this game is fascinating. In PS Vita version, the game is really good. No lags but there are some loading times though this is only from the start of the game.

As the story progress, you will unlock various skills in order to pursue unlock hidden areas of map and to continue the story. In this game, you’ll unlock some various transformation like transforms into mouse to sneak out ultra small passage, as a bat to fly horizontally, as a elephant to destroy blocking box, and others. These transformation will soon to be unlock once you’ve progress the story. It also can be upgraded to their unique skills per transformation like bat sensor, forward dash for monkey, etc.

Other features of the game is magic spells. These spells can be purchased in item shop though you really need to grind gems in order to purchase them all. These spells is quite helpful for the quest and enemies that is hard when not using spells. Aside from spells you can also purchase skill enhancements for easier quest and game grind.

Wayforward created their best platformer game series yet. You can compare it to the likes of between Castlevania and Zelda series or same genre like Guacamelee. The game is really nice especially in handheld console though you cannot throw out the controller when you’ve frustrated.. :P. If you like platformer game this game is for you. Also this game is one of a rare kind released in PSVita which is really a plus point to Wayforward.

  • awesome gameplay
  • nice graphics and sounds
  • perfectly created for handheld consoles

  • short story
  • some loading times

Score: 9/10