Thursday, January 5, 2017

Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Remastered Review (PS Vita)

Written by Joel Lopez

Game Title: Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Remastered
Genre: Action RPG
Developer: Digerati
Publisher: Bacon Bandit Games
Also Available On: PS4, Steam

Letter Quest Remastered is a RPG/Puzzle game developed by Bacon Bandit Games. This game is a fun and addicting due to its unique gameplay and giving the gamers a new color of dungeon game.

Game Plot:
As same as other dungeon RPG game, your name is Grimm and need to kill the evil King in a large dungeon but for a twist. All fighting and attack are based on words that you’ve created. Stages are divided to levels and the levels have different monsters; either is it many or strong.

The game features word scrolling features. If you played Bookworm and Hangman then there is a similarity on this game. Attack damage is based on how long or how technical the word is created. The word “DAY” or “SAY” will give you weak damage while “UNFORGETFULNESS” will give you massive damage. Attack turns are based after you create a word. After you create a word then it’s the opponents turn to attack. After the stage is done, there will be other options in the stage to be completed. It will give more difficulty, i.e. Time Trial or the Elite monster that can twist the stage difficulty. Also, there are some features of the game that can affect your attacks. It can be give you shield, life steal attack, poision tiles, plague tiles, etc.  Though the levels are increasing, there are coin prize that can be used to upgrade you arsenal.

The game will spend your precious time but it won’t give you frustration. It is a fun game for word searching which gives you also a flashback on games like Hangman or Bookworm in addition to its story and game concept of dungeon game.

Score: 8/10

  • Unique gameplay
  • Fun and Addicting
  • New curve to learn new words

  • Less trophies