Thursday, January 5, 2017

7 Days to Die Review (PS4)

Written by Jake Patrick Cu

Game Title: 7 Days to Die
Genre: Action
Developer: The Fun Pimps
Publisher: Telltale Games
Also Available On: XB1, Steam

If one day the apocalypse does come and a zombie outbreak arises, I don’t expect the outcome be pretty. 7 Days to Die interpreted this concept maybe a little bit too literally, both with its graphics and gameplay.

I have seen animals move around almost cartoon-like because they only walk with one animation. Distances are obscured with fog, limiting your view, which is bad seeing as how you need to see what’s coming to you from a distance in a zombie apocalypse. Their maps, especially the ones that are randomly generated, look so awful that is takes away any immersion that you are in the apocalypse. Leaves and grass are only two dimensional, which is inexcusable for a 3D game in this generation. Zombies look so bland that they are laughable; their animations get repetitive as well. Even after you bludgeoned their head a dozen times, or shot them full of arrows, they continue to move around because of a bug, so it means you may end up wasting valuable resources on a game so heavily dependent on it.

This game has been in “Early Access” on Steam since 2013, and it actually feels like it still is in early stages on the PS4. Something as basic navigating through the menu has been overlooked from the console port. Why on earth do have to use the thumbstick like a mouse to go through my inventory? Navigating through the menu interface is so frustratingly hard that I find myself staring at the menu rather than actually playing the game. Going through menus is, quite frankly, harder than killing zombies. There are also some logical flaws to the game stemming from the fact that this game is so obviously unfinished. You can punch a tree to harvest wood from it. You can also punch tall grass to collect plant fibers. Think about that for a moment.

Mind you, 7 Days to Die actually have some cool ideas in it. It focuses on crafting everything you need, i.e. Minecraft, to survive. You gather everything from plant fibers, wood, stone, etc. to build everything you need from clothes to an actual fortress to fend off zombies. The game encourages a lot of experimentation with what resources your character currently has. How do you think I found out that you can punch a tree to gather wood? From the lack of tutorial from the game, that’s for sure. It’s just that the experience as a whole, from the visuals to the various bugs, is so frustrating that it makes recommending this game to anyone hard. Also equally hard is recommending this to your friends so that you all can play multiplayer in it.

7 Days to Die could have been a good game. It has some great ideas that can be used by future games in this genre. Sadly, it is muddled down with bad visuals and tons of bugs that take away the experience.