Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics Review (PlayStation Vita)

"One way to live right... I mean left."

Game Title: Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics
Genre: Roguelike-JRPG
Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics

Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics literally means what the title means, you can only be a hero, story-wise, one way around, constantly running eastward for your life. It redefines my understanding of what YOLO means, no matter what implications that might give. Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics is a spin-off of the Mystery Dungeon series, if you don't know what games had been made under that banner, Pokemon and Shiren the Wanderer might ring a bell. It is also based of an indie game called One Way Heroics, you rarely see that nowadays.

The game throws you at a world slowly consumed by light... shouldn't it be darkness?!, and forces you to be constantly on the move and defeat the root of evil. It has a unique and quirky blend of gameplay mechanics that makes each run a worthwhile experience; a procedurally generated world, rougelike elements, and that one thing that makes it all happen, that dreaded light that will surely make you cringe. As each playthrough is procedurally generated, not one run is the same, even minute details such as item drops varies, making each session unique from the previous one. You'll also encounter and use familiar faces within the game, such as an "Ultimate" individual and a adventurous Wanderer.

After dying before even defeating that final boss or conquering it, you'll get the incentive of either unlocking a few things using the ingame currency, either way its the same. Difficulties also induce different takes when it comes to the main objective, Easy restricts you by only, if I had to stretch it more I'd say "REALLY ONLY," providing you the option to either die by the hands of the final boss or die trying, though succeeding difficulties allow you to *BYPASS* the restriction and continue venturing into the unknown while making a monstrosity out of your character along the way, and yes *BYPASS* means *RUN FOR YOUR LIFE*. Tons of customizing will welcome anyone, ranging from naming your world to even building your own castle.

Though not all rougelikes follow the same formula, Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics pays homage to the classic 8-bit era. Characters are represented by sprites so as the overworld and pretty much every in-game clutter. What I really liked about the visuals are the artworks, given that the game gives off a classic-feel, one should find it that the artworks had been the subject of great detail, every piece of graphical art had seen no short of color inconsistencies, save for a few. The overall interface had been satisfying to look at due to some aspects that makes it dynamically appealing, such as the great choice of font and the intuitive use of detail layouts.

Theme-wise, the game still captures the niche heroic-themes when it comes to the soundtrack. One should find it lacking though is that there's a weak variation  of the overworld BGMs, BGMs can become either too identical to each other to even recognize or worlds-apart given a situation thus giving some slight disadvantages such as making it hard to detect when your near powerful enemies that is way out of your league. Traversing through the battlefield can become bland and linear due to the latter lack of variations.

Quality ◆◆◆◇◇
Gameplay ◆◆◆◆◇
Replayability ◆◆◆◆◆
Execution ◆◆◆◇◇
Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics shines through it's extreme replayability aspect. Even if it does implement new forms of gameplay antics, the game still adapts the common JRPG-formula that every ages should enjoy. A great game to pick up if you want something to play on the go without the worry of loosing progress.
Overall Score