Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Lego: Batman 2 Review (PS Vita)

'Lego: Batman 2' saves Gotham City brick by boring brick
Written by Drei Medina

With all its simplicity and charm, Lego Batman 2 stands to be a PS Vita classic for kids and casual gamers alike.
It's a plain game marketed towards young children with the intention of further strengthening its already established Lego toy brand.
The story focuses on Batman's crusade with the Justice League as they attempt to stop a band of super villains lead by the unlikely tandem of Lex Luthor and the Joker.
In game, you will frequently control the dynamic duo of Batman and Robin while guiding them in a sidescroller adventure with 3D characters, backgrounds and environment all made from Lego bricks.
The game is designed to be colorful, fun and easy in accordance with the Lego brand which means that hardcore gamers would have a lot more left to be desired.
In short, it's a boring yet fun game but still boring otherwise.
Don't get me wrong, I actually like Lego Batman 2 even after saying this but I have to be honest and I really find it mostly boring with its numerous game design issues.
For one, gameplay just alternates between beat 'em up action, puzzle solving and collecting bricks. You do this from the first level until you finish the game and that's pretty much it.
Sure there's good old beat 'em up action but the enemies barely pose any challenge. They simply die in a combo or two with repeated button mashing and the same moves.
Puzzles are also a tad too easy although there's the occasional “Damn I can't figue this out” but this is more due to the poor stage design.
Each of Lego Batman 2's cutscenes also suffer from awful graphics that would make players squint with disappointment.
Still entertaining
Moving on, Lego Batman 2 is a fun and simple game which makes it perfect for short bursts of portable gaming on the go.
Players will still be entertained despite basic level designs and the almost nonexistent degree of difficulty.
But this feeling will probably only last a few levels until the dull repetitiveness of the game's mechanics start sinking in.
Due to this, I would advise players to treat the game casually without much expectations except to have some fun. Afterall, who doesn't enjoy playing with Lego?

The verdict: 7/10 [just okay]

Lego Batman 2 is a short, simple and fun game with little complications but unfortunately suffers from various problems involving repetitive game mechanics that quickly makes the game a stroll in the land of boredom.
Still, it provides much needed entertainment with no worries as long as it is played casually.

+ Good for kids and casuals
+ Perfect for portable gaming
+ Features Lego DC characters
- Quickly gets boring
- Awful cutscene quality
- Limited and repetitive game mechanics