Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Gravity Rush Review (PS Vita)

Fall in love with 'Gravity Rush'
Written by Drei Medina

For starters, Gravity Rush is among the foremost games released on the PS Vita yet having played the game just now still gave me a fun and thrilling adventure.
I played the game for a week and clocked in at least 30 hours (I failed to find an option to see my current game time) to complete it and most of its challenges.
There were a few frustrating parts particularly some of the challenges that earned you gems which you could use to level up your skills but for the most part the game was really, really fun.
And the best thing about the 30 – 40 hours I spent defying gravity in the game was that there were no boring moments, absolutely none I tell you!
It just felt so cool to use Kat's (the protagonist) gravitational powers to go around the city in style. You could even do stuff like lift objects and people and place them elsewhere just for the extra kicks.

Solid story, amazing art

Now the story starts with Kat waking up in the floating town of Hekseville with no memory whatsoever.
She is then aided by Dusty the cat who provides her gravitational powers in her quest to restore the lost parts of Hekseville and defeat the Nevi who are attacking the townspeople.
The plot is pretty simple and sometimes predictable but it was solid and believable. The introduction of different characters like other gravity shifters (like Kat) and creators (beings with Godlike powers) really gave the game depth even with its simplicity.
One of the great parts of the game was during cutscenes which were given a graphic novel treatment where you had to scroll “pages” like you were reading comics.
The art during those cutscenes in my opinion was exceptional although I have to say that the graphics in the game itself was just okay though I don't mind as it was fun nonetheless.

Perfect portable

But the big part of what made Gravity Rush a 'funtastic' portable game aside from the gravity-defying antics was how it made seamless use of the Vita's system features where other games have tried yet failed.
For one, the game's use of the Vita's touchscreen was just right. It was not excessive unlike in other games that made you want to literally chuck your Vita into a wall.
Gravity Rush also didn't make use of the rear touchpad gimik which has been annoying the hell out of me while playing other games. Personally I think this feature is a failure and only gets in the way of enjoying Vita's games.
All in all, the game is great for the Vita combining its fun gravity-defying concepts with the system's gaming features minus the annoying gimiks.
The game is truly a perfect match for the Vita and makes you crave for more! Thank God a Gravity Rush sequel was confirmed by developers last year and Kat will probably be back in action to gravity kick some Nevi butt in 2015!

The verdict: 9.5/10 [must play]

Gravity Rush is one of the PS Vita's RPG-adventure gems with its solid story, adorable characters and fun-filled gameplay that's sure to keep you glued to your system til the wee hours of the night.
There's just no moment in the game where you will get bored as it flows smoothly. No ingame hindrances and hang-ups, just pure gaming fun with a touch of zero gravity and a cute heroine to boot.

+ Extremely fun gameplay
+ Adorable characters
+ Creative controls
- Controls can be confusing at first