Wednesday, August 5, 2015

BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma EXTEND Review (PS Vita)

Game: BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma EXTEND
Developer: Aksys Games
Price: $39.99
Size: 3.1GB

I am a big RPG fan but I still like to play some fighting games from time to time. My dream was to become one of the best player on a fighting game. Sadly, that dream will only remain as a dream since I suck big time in a fighting game. I usually smash all the buttons and pray. Sometimes that tactic work and most of the time it doesn't. I am not very good at doing combos either. I've only won a few games with my bestfriend and the rest were sad memories which still haunt me until now..
I've tried the Tekken series, Dead or Alive series, Street Fighter series and other fighting games. My favorite was Dead or Alive 5, maybe because of the bouncing boo...... (cough) bodies when you slam them to the ground.
And then this game, BlazBlue Chrono Phanstasma EXTEND came. This game made me feel like a PRO, thanks to the "Stylish" control mode. In Stylish mode, you can easily make combos and even connect special moves by continuously pressing a single button while pressing left or right on the D-Pad. I think the "Stylish" control mode is the best option to choose on a PS Vita specially if you cherish the buttons on your PS Vita. The Technical control mode is for experts.
I actually felt that with the Stylish control, I can take on anyone. Then I've tried the Network mode. I've searched for a match, joined a room and then challenged a player with 600+ wins. I lost the first round but it was a close fight, so I was like "I'll get him in the next round". The second round was my victory and it was also another close fight, I was like "I knew it! I think I am ready for the EVO!". Then starts the third round, I felt that I didn't exist. Never had the chance to do a damage to him. I was destroyed instantly. My EVO dream was shattered.
In this game, there are 28 characters to choose from and each with their own story. Cutscenes are with voiceovers with some humor here and there. There is also another story mode that you will need to purchase on PSN within the game.
There are also a number of game modes to play. One of my favorite game mode is the Abyss mode. In this mode, you will need to fight a number of enemies until you reach the bottom. A challenger will appear from time to time and will give you a bonus upgrade to strengthen your character when you defeated him or her.
You will probably spend a lot of time in the Network mode. It's very easy to search for a match in this game. You will only just have to find a room to join, once you are in a room, you will see a 2D retro style room with chibi characters representing each players in the room. You can move around the room, talk to the other players and play a match with the players in the room.

I've downloaded the Story Mode DLC (It's a 2.1GB download) and didn't expect the time I've spent on that mode. It's the first time I've seen a game where there's a separate story mode in Visual Novel style. The Story Mode DLC is like playing another genre inside a fighting game. The Story Mode DLC tells the story of the BlazBlue Universe. All conversation are with voiceovers and they are done great. I mostly use the Automatic mode to automatically play the scenes without having to manually press the X button just to hear the nice voiceovers of each characters. The Story Mode DLC is lengthy and will probably take 10+ hours to finish everything. There are a number of Story to play in this mode. I love the addition of the funny endings. You'll know that there will be a funny ending when a choices appears after a conversation. So be prepared to laugh hard as they are very funny and crazy. You will also do some fighting in the Story Mode DLC.

If you love 2D fighting game and wanted to play on the go, this is a must have for you. Each battle is fast and very competitive. The online mode is one of my favorite in the game. The way that you can move around and interact with the other players is fun. One of my favorite was the Stylish control mode. It helped me a lot since I was the type of player who smash all buttons and pray to win. Playing with the Stylish mode makes me feel like a pro and lessen the risk of destroying the buttons of my beloved PS Vita. There is also an option to change the voice to English or Japanese. The BEST feature in this game is the Story Mode DLC which you can download for FREE within the game. I've spent a lot of hours playing this mode. The story was engaging and the voiceovers are done well. This is actually the first title I've played in the BlazBlue series. I am now a fan of the series and looking forward to the future releases. Please bring me a BlazBlue RPG game Akysys.

Score: 4.5 / 5