Saturday, October 7, 2017

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Review (PlayStation 4)

Written by Joel Lopez

TitleMarvel vs. Capcom: Infinite
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Genre: Fighting
Price: $59.99
Also Available OnXB1, Steam

Capcom is one of the major game company that is to be known for fighting game industry. They created majority of the fighting game i.e. Street Fighter, Xmen Children of the Atom and many more. Though they created a Marvel series fighting game, they got a problem when Disney owned the Marvel and stopping them to continue the game series until now. This year, they release a brand new game named Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. This will be the new standard for fighting game tournament replacing UMVC3 series which held for more than 6 years. It may be sound exciting but is it really pretty exciting as same as their previous game series? Let’s find out.


Like we said, Disney owned now Marvel and they gave Capcom permission to continue the series but there is a catch. Majority of the character in Marvel should be related to Marvel Cinematic Universe so it means Xmen, Fantastic Four, and Deadpool character are not included in the game since Fox owned their rights (No Wolverine *sigh). So all of Marvel rosters came from Marvel movie’s character and luckily Spiderman is included (Thanks Sony :P). Capcom characters have the same roster setup and of course, Ryu is always been there. Some new characters in previous series are also included (Jedah of Darkstalkers). Initially, there are 30 playable characters and additional characters will be added in the future thru DLC.

The game story will be take place on alternate universe that Ultron and Sigma were joined forces to rule the whole Universe. From here,the heroes team of Marvel and Capcom need to search the Infinite stones in order to stop Ultron and Sigma’s plan.


The game series is known to be a tag team fighting game. From MvC2 to UMvC3 they are known to be 3 vs 3 characters. Now they are back to 2 vs 2 tag team same setup a Xmen vs Street Fighter and Marvel vs Capcom 1. It may have a resemblance of Street Fighter x Tekken setup.

The game has a mode called Story Mode. It’s different story mode of previous series since it will focus on the story itself and you will take controls of different characters of the game. This will give an insight on how the various movesets of all characters in the game as well how the story begins.

The actual game graphic is somehow unique in the previous series. Graphics are more in 3D design unlike in the previous which is more of Hand drawn design. As for this, it may seems that the game is really needed powerful resources in order to play it smoothly especially for PC. While playing in game console, we don’t feel any lags or graphics disruption.

Another interesting concept of the game is the use of Infinite Stones. This game concept was first introduced in Marvel Super Heroes game but this time you can now choose what stone you can use from the start. Likewise using the stones will make your advantage of the game. It powers may vary depend on what stone you use. One of examples is the Reality Gem that can add some fire power, Space Stone that create a space cage for your enemy, and many more.

Another new setup is the controls. Controls are back to four button setup; LP, HP, LK, HK. This control was very have a like in MvC2. They also added a simple combo included already in the system so when you just don’t really have a combo, just mash the LP button repeatedly and it will do a somehow good combo.

Returning characters of the series got some changes in their move set and special sets. Some are good and others got nerfed. Ironman, Megaman, Captain America are some of the characters that got change in their previous movesets. As for this, we may see some balances on every character.

Since this is a new Marvel game series, the community are very active especially for those who are really fans of this series. From here, you can see active statistics of players whenever you’re connected online.


Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite has a good reputation and makes the fans really excited for this new game release. It may seems to us that this game is very much like Street Fighter 5 which has been released and still missing major components. We are hoping that the future DLCs of this game will give us characters in Marvel in which are not related to Marvel Cinematic Universe. The game feels it is not really the final released.

  • MvC is Back!
  • Awesome roster
  • Easy controls for newbie and expert players

  • Roster is somehow few unlike in the previous series (No Wolverine)
  • Need to purchase Season pass for future characters

 Score: 9.5/10