Monday, August 28, 2017

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 Review (PlayStation 4)

Written By: Bernard Julius Paje

TitleMega Man Legacy Collection 2
Developer: Digital Eclipse
Publisher: Capcom
Genre: Platformer
Price: $19.99 (PS4)
Also Available OnSteamXB1

Two years ago Capcom released Megaman Legacy Collection, a compilation of the first six Megaman games. I reviewed it just recently and considered it to be an excellent compilation of retro games featuring the iconic Blue Bomber. It was a well done compilation that had a lot of modern flair, and would certainly please any Megaman fan. Also recently, Capcom has released a second compilation of classic Megaman games, the aptly titled Megaman Legacy Collection 2. This time around, Capcom has included the next four numbered Megaman installments and has more or less retained the overall presentation and feel of the compilation that came before it.

The games included in this second compilation is a more diverse bunch compared to the first one (which featured games that were all release on the NES/Famicom). Megaman 7 was released originally on Nintendo's second console, the Super NES, and it has pretty much outdone all the Megaman games that came before it in almost all aspects (the number of secrets in this game is staggering). It had really great graphics, sounds and music for its time and was also considered an instant 16-bit classic. For me, this is the best game in this compilation, and I would highly recommend people to buy MMLC2 just to play this game. Which brings me to my next point regarding the latter three games of the compilation...

While Megaman 8, 9 and 10 are all awesome games, you may have already played most (if not all) of them more recently. They are all still available to purchase via the PlayStation Network on PS3 (and are regularly on sale) so the chances that you have already picked them up are high. People who already own and played these three games may find little value in purchasing MMLC2 (unless they really want to play Megaman 7, like me). Capcom could have added the Super Famicom version of Megaman and Bass (after a quick localization though, because this game was never officially translated to English on that platform) to add more value to the compilation. Considering Bass and his cool-looking pup Treble were both introduced in Megaman 7 the addition of that game should have been a no-brainer, but that is just me being picky and wishful. There's also a pair of Megaman arcade fighting games that they could have added to round out the compilation...

Just like the first compilation, MMLC2 features a Museum full of concept art from all the included games, various Challenge Modes for each game and a Music Player that lets you play all the games' music. Oddly enough, you cannot switch between the US/Japanese (Megaman/Rockman) versions of the games like the first compilation. The option to play Megaman 8 with japanese audio for its cutscenes would have been a cool addition, considering the english dub for that game is so laughably bad. Maybe Capcom also wanted to cut down on the already huge 5GB download size of the game, which I honestly think feels kind of bloated for these old games

Even though I talked mostly about the things people (particularly Megaman fans) may not like about MMLC2, I would still highly recommend this game both to hardcore Megaman fans and to those who were only introduced to Megaman via the first compilation. Of the four included games, I have to say that 8 is the weakest of the bunch (despite being the prettiest and best-sounding among all the games) but it is still a blast to play. Capcom has added a cool Extra Armor feature to all the games which effectively doubles Megaman's hit points--a welcome addition considering all these games are tough as nails. Also, since Megaman 9 and 10 are pretty recent releases (despite looking exactly like the first 6 NES games) they have already hopped aboard the downloadable content train, allowing those who purchase the DLC's to play through both games as a different character. Thankfully, Capcom has included all of their DLC packs in the compilation. You can even unlock the said DLC without beating the games first (a requirement in the original releases) via an old school cheat code. Very cool!

Overall, MMLC2 is a solid compilation of Megaman games that is, sadly, overshadowed by the original one it followed. It is still a great compilation in itself, but the first one will give you more bang for your buck. Hopefully, Capcom will be able to make some new Megaman installments after these two compilations. I personally could also go for a Megaman X Legacy Collection sometime in the future too (which they hopefully will not split into two games).

Make it happen Capcom! Viva la Blue Bomber!

  • Packs almost all the features the first compilation had.
  • Megaman 9 and 10 has all DLC included.
  • Old school cheat codes are awesome! 

  • Weaker selection of games compared to the first compilation.
  • Megaman/Rockman mode switch is weirdly missing.
  • 5GB download size feels kind of bloated for a retro game compilation.