Thursday, July 27, 2017

Little Nightmares: The Depths Review (PlayStation 4)

Written By: Bernard Julius Paje

Title: Little Nightmares: The Depths DLC
Developer: Tarsier Studios
Publisher: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
Genre: Puzzle, Platformer
Price: $3.99
Also Available On: Xbox One, Windows

Little Nightmares was a fun little indie gem released last April for consoles and PC. It chronicles the story of how a young girl named Six attempts to escape a large and mysterious vessel known as The Maw. I very much liked the game when I reviewed the game back then, and once the Expansion Pass DLC for it was announced a few months later I was excited by the prospect to go back for more little nightmares (pun intended) in The Maw.

The DLC for this game was designed to be a three-part episodic series, and I intend to review each episode as they come out.

The first installment, The Depths, lets us play as a new persona known only as The Runaway Kid. He wakes up on a familiar part of The Maw (if you have played and finished the main game) and parts of his adventures sees him crossing paths with Six. However, the majority of the areas you will explore as The Runaway Kid are new: the titular Depths of The Maw. Because these areas are further below the vessel, a lot of them are submerged in water. A lot of the puzzles in The Depths enables you to have direct manipulation of the depth of water to say, get an item or access the next area. Also, the chase scenes are made more intense with the involvement of water because the enemies chasing you swim faster than you. Prepare for some really hectic moments with this episode's main baddie!

Overall, if you liked the main Little Nightmares campaign then you will definitely love this DLC. Since this is just a third of the whole experience, expect this to be over fairly quickly in around one to one and a half hour for your first playthrough. This episode also ends in a familiar cliffhanger for those who have finished the main game, and this definitely adds to the anticipation for the release of the next installment.

 REVIEW IN PROGRESS SCORE: 2.75 out of 3.33*

*Adding up all my scores will result in my total review score out of 10.