Monday, June 19, 2017

Ys Origin Review (PlayStation Vita)

Written By: JM Nuqui

Title: Ys Origin
Genre: Action-JRPG / Hack n' Slash
Developer: Falcom
Publisher: DotEmu
Price: $19.99 (US.Digital)
PSN Page: US
Also Available On: PS4, Steam

YS is one of the best series I have ever played. It's like Zelda but faster and action pact. The First I've played is YS VII for PSP which I played in my Vita then YS: Memories of Celceta for PSVITA which is one of the great games you can buy for the handheld.

YS was originally released for Windows way back 2006. The release of YS Origins has been delayed for PSVITA. PS4 got it last February and Steam got it years ago. The delay is due to optimization that needs to be made for the game to run smoothly for the system. So, is it worth the wait?

The game takes place 700 years before YS I and explains lots of the history of the game. Which I won’t discuss anymore as the story really suck and boring. That’s the flaw of YS games I have played so far. They are great games but it's hard to follow on with the story. But if you’re a fan then that’s great as the game will tell you a lot about the games Origin.

Expecting that it is the same YS that was released in Steam and PS4? Sorry, but the graphics on the Vita was downgraded dramatically. The game feels more at home in the PSP in my opinion. YS origins is more of survival game than an actual adventure RPG. The game has no map system so you need to rely on your muscle memory to find your way up the tower and rescue the goddess. You don't have a healing herbs or potion here so expect a lot of retries from boss battles. What's annoying is the lack of continue if you die inside the tower from mobs of monsters. You will be taken back to the last save point and the last save you've done. Imagine going around the corridors, gaining EXP and items then accidentally die from a mob?

On a positive note. Boss fights are exciting and you really need to use skill on this game. This is not for the bros that love button mashing even though it looks like button mashing. There moments that you need to use skills to proceed to platforms which reminds of Alundra 2 which is kind of annoying (But I miss that game).

Yes, this is a difficult game with lots of negative stuff to talk about. But this is still YS. The fast action adventure is still present. The YS feel is there only harder and it feels old. Yes, this is a remake of the 2007 version for PC. But we expect some effort here. Get the PS4 version instead.

  • Fast Phased Action Packed
  • YS Experience for fans 
  • Downgraded version Feels more at home for PSP 
  • Some hick ups 
  • No Map
  • No continue(Just for boss fights) 

 Overall: 3/5