Thursday, June 8, 2017

Akiba's Beat Review (PlayStation 4)

Written By: Ilonia Xynapse

Title: Akiba's Beat
Developer: Acquire
Publisher: XSEED Games
Genre: Action RPG
Also Available On: PS Vita

Akiba’s Beat is supposedly the 3rd follow up game from Akiba’s Trip, that doesn’t share any of its traditional game mechanics. In Akiba’s Beat they put you in an Action Role-Playing game were the game send the party chosen unit to fight in a different battle screen, and lets cut the chase by saying that this game use music/beat as a limit break or imagine mode (Maybe that’s why the game is called Akiba’s BEAT).

The game start with Asahi waking up one afternoon and continuing his NEET life, until one day he met the self-proclaimed chosen one Saki and her pet Pink-kun, along the way the game will tell you about one of the major plot of the game the repeating Sunday (which is like the Movie Groundhog day starring Bill Murray) and peoples Delusions that turning into reality, later on you will meet Mippity Mop which is one of your trusted friends in the game as well and those other characters that will make the game shine. This game strong point is the story and the characters humorous conversations and I will tell you now that the game will make you really bored. The story shines on 3/4 part of the game which for me is really worth it and I’m really glad I didn’t give up on this game.

(Asahi’s Imagine Mode)

The Game Play:

There is nothing exciting about the gameplay, the monster are over recycled which will make you question the developers creativeness, the limit break/imagine skills makes you listen to a full or TV size music that boost your characters attacks/critical. It should have been good too if they let the characters equipment to be seen when they equip it (like the 2 first Akiba Game) but they chose the costume change option to change the characters clothes. There is a card equipment setting too which gives you an option to equip 2 cards that can boost your stats or some support for your character and a PP system that lets you equip parts for your Player that boost your Imagine Mode.


Akiba’s Beat is not a perfect game but what makes it very very good is the story, there are parts of the game that made me think of stuff that I did when I was a kid, the boundary of dreams and delusions, life of a NEET teenager in a savage way (like what society really think about them) and so on. This game a Masterpiece on his own rights but I was thinking after the game that, this should be an ANIME not a game but oh well it is a good experience anyway. So by the end of the day I rate this game 6/10 for the story alone.

But who cares about my opinion go buy the game and experience the game by yourself… :D