Monday, April 17, 2017

Shock Troopers Rap Review - PGL Exclusive (Nintendo Switch)

Written by: Philip Rodriguez [Ipe Fosho]

Title: ACA NeoGeo Shock Troopers
Developer: SNK
Publisher: Hamster Corp
Price: $7.99 Nintendo Switch eShop
Genre: Action/Arcade

[Rhyme to your own beats]

Shock Troopers is a game 
That I never got to play
I know this for a fact 
Coz I ain't cool back in the day
Got no money 
Got no honey
Who cares easter bunny
That's right my friend
That was my life so let's begin

Shock Troopers is a shooter
And damn what a winner
You shoot above
You shoot below
The heck just like Rambo
Enemies will swarm
They are mean and want to harm
Guns ablaze without a doubt
Fire away all the way

You earn points for annihilation
Also loot for extermination
Stages have their own path
Pick a level just like math
I played solo just so you know
And did enjoy the show
You can play it with a friend
Or a brother 'til the end

Shock Troopers is a four
And yes that is my score
What do you expect
It's a game that need respect
I hope you give it a run
Because the game is really fun
Fosho out
*drops mic*