Wednesday, April 12, 2017

ACA NeoGeo: Metal Slug 3 Review (Nintendo Switch)

Written by Philip Rodriguez [Ipe Fosho]

Title: ACA NeoGeo Metal Slug 3
Developer: SNK
Publisher: HAMSTER, Co.
Price: $7.99

- This review may contain spoilers-

I only played Metal Slug 3 in the arcade. I recall it being difficult and punishing. I couldn’t even surpass some of the levels. Playing this game on the arcade is amusing but limited. The machine is designed to eat coins until you ran out of cash. Also, that feeling of distress not being able to reach the final level after spending so much money – “ouch”.

Metal Slug 3 is a side-scrolling 2D shooter. You move your soldier right and/or left while shooting horizontal, vertical and sometimes diagonal; depending on the weapon acquired rescuing a prisoner. There are four different soldiers to choose before starting the game. They are armed with pistol, grenade and knife. The knife is close range combat that executes when the enemy is in contact with the character. Countless of enemies are on screen at all times, blasting from array of weapons. You’ll shoot, dodge and sometimes jump to avoid being wiped out. Character and enemy animation works well, even though the visuals are outdated.

The five levels vary from desert, jungle, underwater sea, sky and outer space. Every level has a boss encounter to battle. There is a stage where you turn into a zombie when hit by the projectile spit. When you become the undead, the grenade sub-weapon changes into a laser beam of blood that inflicts massive damage. It is quite a neat humor to include this in the game. Stages also have branching paths; locating the route is obvious. The gameplay also has vehicles to ride - tanks, submarine, helicopter, etc. There are also animals to tame as battle companion. The final level of the game is my favorite. It turns the action into a vertical shooter, and then some – plot twist [spoiler alert].

Hamster Corporation did an excellent job publishing Neo Geo games for current gen. I’m pleased that they produced these games on Nintendo Switch through eShop. Metal Slug 3 arcade archive is a great addition to your library, if you’re craving for some challenging side-scrolling shooter. Local coop, online leaderboard and Japanese arcade option are added in the game as well.

I never had a Neo Geo and arcade venue is sparse nowadays. Having said that, this is a terrific way to relive old school gaming on Nintendo Switch. No more coins to spend. I have ninety nine lives. I have ninety nine credits. And most importantly, I can finally beat the game without stress– “drops mic”.

SCORE: 4/5