Monday, March 13, 2017

Super Robot Wars V Review (PSVita/PS4)

Written by JM Nuqui

Game Title: Super Robot Wars V
Genre: Strategy
Developer: B.B. Studio
Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment
Also Available On: Playstation 4

Super Robot Wars V for those familiar with the series, is a tactical role playing game featuring various Japanese Mecha anime. Published by Bandai Namco and was developed by BB Studio which developed most of the Gundam and Super Robot Wars games. Is one of the few games in the Super Robot Wars series that was released with English sub. This version is the R3 Singapore not R3 Hongkong, take note of that if you want to buy a copy of the game and be able to buy the DLCs.

I remember playing the Super Robot Wars in Japanese way back Playstation One Era. It even has a videoke where you can sing along the songs from the Japanese Mecha Animes where my cousins and I sang when we got tired of playing lol. We usually sang the Gundam G theme which was the Gundam series shown during that time. We were playing that game in Japanese mind you, and my cousins and I were all enjoying playing it in Japanese.

Fast forward today, I saw my housemate playing it, in Japanese still for PS3. I watched him play and man, it was nostalgic. Seeing the Mecha’s we and our fathers grew up with fighting side by side is really awesome.

Super Robot Wars V is like Fire Emblem. The game takes place on a map like chess and you'll see chibi version of the robots, but when they finally attack each other, you'd see, well still chibi version but bigger version of the Mech’s which is the highlight of the game where you can see the Robots showcasing their awesome skills and weapons.

It's nostalgic seeing these Mech’s show off their weapons and skills. The graphic is not as good as SD Gundam Genesis but still the animation is superb and smooth. The Edge of SRWV to SGG is that, the game is fast and there's not a single frame rate drop and the loading times were fast as well. There's also a button to fast forward animations which is a first according to a friend who is a longtime fan of the series.

At first, I got bored during the first few hours of the game. I don't really know what’s going on. For sure what these characters are talking about has something to do with the series they belong to. But as the story progress, it gets interesting especially when you get you meet new Mech's along the way that you are familiar with. Maybe a diehard Mecha anime fan will enjoy the moments as there are tons of cameo characters for each series and I think this is one of the games where in you'll meet hundreds of unique characters since this is a cross over between multiple robot Anime’s.

You’d have an option to choose from a male of female hero which will affect the dialogues in-game. Then the story will revolve to that hero while different Mecha’s got injected to the story along the way. This game has over 30 hours of gameplay and it might get repetitive once you’ve seen all the Mecha’s animations.

Let’s get straight to the point, you will not love this game if you are not a fan of the series. The game will not torture you for its difficulty as the game is easy and you don't need to strategize as deep as other tactical RPGS. There's the spirit system which lets you use abilities during battle like heal and increase accuracy, there's also an EX action feature to add as an advantage such as an extra move if you’d kill and enemy for that turn, then there's a skill system where you can buy skills for pilots to learn. Customizing the Mech’s are limited as you'd just use cash to level up each part of the Mech's HP, Energy and so on. There are lots to do but not to the point that strategizing before the next chapter matters.

The main selling point of this game is to showcase crossovers and bring nostalgia to die hard Mecha fans. It's to entertain them and remind the glory days. There are various Gundams, Mazinger Z, Evangelion mechs and many more. It's like NBA All-stars where 1960 teams up with the current generation of players. Stories like this can only be told by videogames. No manga or Anime can match the experience.

  • Tons of Mecha’s 
  • Fast Phased gaming
  • Great animation
  • Exciting moments 

  • Information overload

Score: 4/5 

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