Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Severed Review (Playstation Vita)

Written by Joel Lopez

Game Title: Severed
Genre: Action
Developer: DrinkBox Studios
Publisher: DrinkBox Studios
Also available on: Wii U, 3DS and iOS

Severed is an action-adventure video game developed and published by DrinkBox Studios, the same developers that created Guacamelee and Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack. This is a new IP game that previously exclusive in PSVita and now available in IOS, Wii-U, and 3DS.

Game Plot:

The game and story will focus on Sasha, a wake from unconsciousness she was in an Underworld. One of the unfortunate event was her left arm was gone and her family was abducted by an evil dragon. Don’t know what to do but you need to save your family to the evil dragon until luckily, during the prologue, a Mysterious masked man appears out of nowhere gave you a mystical sword. Using this, you will fight bunch of monsters in this weird world; getting their parts in order to upgrade your weapon and to unlock path and secrets throughout the game.


The game control will focus using touch screen and joystick (in PSVita). The gameplay is in First-person view and area type movement like in Shin Megami Tensei games. Enemy encounters are noticeable when you go to the path with white fire. During fight swiping the touchscreen will damage the enemy. Also, you can parry the enemies attack by counter swipe the direction of the attack of enemy. As for this you have time to do more attacks in order to finish the enemy. It is like a game concept from Infinity Blade game in IOS. Once the enemy is defeated, there are circumstances that you can sever enemy parts and can be used for upgrading your equipment for battle. By experience, after defeating the first boss, you will encounter enemies with buffs. It can be attack, speed, regen, or defense buffs but don’t worry since you can still win due to your skill upgrades. If you lose, don’t worry again. You will be respawn back before the enemy encounter area; whether you will fight them back or go to another area.


By experience, this game was very addictive that if you start playing it, you will stick into it. The gameplay is great since (for PSVita) it gives the device a good reputation in terms of its hardware structure because of its touchscreen. The game concept was great also that you can feel the character and the place during the story thanks to First person view. Another thing is the graphics and textures in which it looks like an indie game but it has a great story, and smooth texture.

Score: 9/10

  • Colorful enhanced graphics
  • Nice story and gameplay
  • Less lags

  • Story was short