Monday, October 10, 2016

NBA 2K17 Review (iOS/Android)

Written By Michael Petalio

Game Title
: NBA 2K17
Genre: Basketball simulation, Sports
Developer: Visual Concepts
Publisher: 2K Sports
Also available on: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Android

NBA 2K17, as with previous release comes after the release of its console counterpart, usually comes in September of every year before the season kickoff.

Like other sports simulation game NBA 2k17, or as fans prefer as 2K17 (for this year) or 2K, offers players control and opportunity to play their favorite team against other teams. We'll be checking out the improvements from the previous iOS version to this year's version.

The most notable part that I notice is the improvement in visuals, especially to stars like LeBron and Curry, but some if not most are generated with generic visuals, some rookies improved but some sophomores are left behind.

The most interesting part that was included in this year's version is the added option for the video settings, it let players customize and set it to high or low, as for me I set everything to low except the settings for players which I set to ultra high. This added feature made the game more playable compared to 2k16 which I also played on an iPhone 6 plus. Movements are more synced with the controls.

Audio is also available upon installation which is great because last year's audio was released only as a separate file, but I noticed that the audio file used, correct me if I am wrong is the same audio file for 2k16, I noticed this when I was playing against New York Knicks and their new head coach is Jeff Hornacek but the commentators is still mentioning the team he previously coached, the Phoenix Suns.

2K17 also introduced a new touch control which offers an easier way to defend, but with the sprint button not on the directional button, chasing fast breaks and simultaneously passing or shooting while running will take time to master For old players 2K16, 2K15 or third party controller is still an option.

Old features, VC to earn and unlock features is still available, My Player offers an option to choose a school first before draft, list of schools seems short I think there is only ten available on the list, but is still a welcomed addition. My Player for mobile still lacks the option to change the minutes per quarter option which is available for quick games.

Quality: 4/5
Gameplay: 4/5
Soundtrack: 3/5
Replay: 5/5

Verdict: 4/5

NBA 2K17 offers a great option for basketball fans and gamers who wanted a dose of the sport on the go. It improves from the previous installment in some key areas and will surely satisfy anyone craving for spurt of basketball games and rooting for your favorite team. For players who is craving for more features, the console version is always available.