Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Brut@l Launching On PS4 August 9th. Pre-Order From Today For Exclusive Bonuses

Stormcloud Games today announced that their ASCII inspired dungeon crawler will be launching on PlayStation 4 on August 9th, with Pre-Orders now available.

Brut@l, a modern re-imagining of the classic ASCII dungeon crawler will be launching on PlayStation 4 via the PlayStation Network on August 9th. Players can Pre-Order Brut@l from today and will receive an exclusive ASCII inspired PlayStation 4 theme. PS Plus members will receive a 20% discount off of the launch price for the duration of this Pre-Order campaign.

In Brut@l you will choose your hero: Ranger, Mage, Warrior or Amazon then descend into a procedurally generated world constructed entirely from ASCII letters.
With perma-death, weapon crafting, potion brewing and an onslaught of enemies to face, can you survive Brut@l?