Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics Adventures Onto PS4, PS Vita And Steam This Summer

The kingdom is being swallowed by a destructive wall of light! But forget about saving the king, forget about saving the townsfolk, a true hero is one who lives to save the day so you better keep moving. In Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics, there’s no turning back once your adventure begins!

Releasing for PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4 and Steam, the title overhauls the gameplay and graphics of the highly acclaimed indie title One Way Heroics. And since we love in-jokes, we couldn’t resist adding characters from our IPs such asDanganronpa and Shiren the Wanderer.

Game Features:
Dungeon Crawling Goes Above Ground
Leave dinky dungeons behind to explore an infinite number of procedurally generated worlds, each with their own terrain, traps and treasure.

Forced-scroll Roguelike RPG
The Shine Raid consumes everything in its path and moves with every action you take! Do you risk taking a detour for loot, or do you play it safe and put more distance between yourself and annihilation?

Brimming with Class and Characters
With over 20 classes to choose from, no two adventures will ever be the same! A quirky cast of NPC allies will always be there to keep you company—so long as you take care to keep them alive.

Social Skills
Share the worlds you unlock with friends, then post your successes (and failures) on Twitter. Thanks to daily Campaign Worlds you’ll never run out of new ground to cover!