Thursday, May 12, 2016

SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive Quick Review (iPhone/iPad)

What is this?

This is an OTG Flash Drive for our iPhone/iPad.

What does this do?

Nothing special. Just stores the photos and videos (In short, full back-up of the camera roll) from our iDevice securely (if security if enabled) and with ease. Just plug and wait to sync (Must enable the auto-sync in settings).

Any other else it does?

It just plays any format of videos through its built-in video player. It can also read subtitles, but weird that it can't read some .ass format subtitles.

You can also easily share videos and photos stored in the iXpand to the other iDevices and PC/Laptop by just plugging it and choosing the files you wish to copy.

NOTE: Must have the FREE iXpand app installed on the target iDevice.

How much is this?

P1,800 - 16GB
P2,400 - 32GB
P4,000 - 64GB

If you are looking for a solution to store your photos and videos without the need of any computer to free-up some space on your 16GB iDevice, then this pricey flash drive is the best solution for you.

  • Easy to back-up camera roll. Just plug and done.
  • Easy to use iOS app.
  • Built-in player that plays any format with subtitles.
  • Can read document files like PDF.

  • The built-in player is a little buggy for now and hope SanDisk will fix it in their next firmware update. 
  • Phone is a little uncomfortable to hold when this is plugged in.

Note for iOS 9.3.1 users: Some users reported that this was not working on their iPhone. SanDisk already posted an update that this will finally work on iOS 9.3.2 when it becomes available to the public.