Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Be Quick Or Be Undead - Corridor Z Out Today On PS4 & PS Vita!

Today players in both Americas may put their hands on the Corridor Z – the unique survival runner - on PS4 and PSVITA. Gamers from Europe, Australia and New Zealand will play it tomorrow.

The action of Corridor Z takes place in an ordinary high school, where survivors have barricaded themselves in a classroom after the school has been quarantined by the military to prevent an undead outbreak from spreading. Through playing the game across two professionally-voiced parallel story lines, you will uncover the story behind the undead horror.

Stylized gory graphics and detailed animations create an angsty backdrop while the vibrant sound effects enrich the auditory experience. Players need to “control” the pursuit while running toward the camera — wield guns, place obstacles, and destroy zombies as you fend off hordes of ferocious zombies and defeat powerful bosses. Above all else, don’t get bitten!