Thursday, March 17, 2016

Kata M2L Android Phone Review

Kata M2L is the very first LTE capable phone from Kata. This phone came out last December. Kata provided me a review unit to test and see how it will perform with my daily gaming and nerdy needs.

  • MT6735 1.3GHz Quad-Core processor (64-bit)
  • Mali-T720 GPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • 16GB Internal Storage (w/ microSD slot)
  • 5.5" HD IPS Screen (294 ppi)
  • 1280x720 Screen Resolution
  • 13MP Back Camera & 8MP Front Camera
  • Dual SIM and LTE
  • 3,000mAh (Removable Battery)
  • Andoid 5.1 Lollipop

What is in the box?
  • Kata M2L Phone
  • Adaptor
  • USB Cable
  • Earphone
  • And the shinny Manual


Like most android phones, the KATA M2L is build with plastic, a metal frame and a glass screen. There are also 2 colors available for this model, Dark grey and White. I prefer the white one because of its beautiful gold colored frame.

What I like on this phone is the round design of the metal frame. It makes holding it with one hand less stressful. My Note 4 has a flat frame and holding it with one hand is a bit uncomfortable.

The charger and audio ports are located at the top part of the phone, while the bottom part has the mic and speaker present. 

What I didn't like is that the charger port is too deep (So deep that I can see Adele rolling in it). If you lost the phone's original charger by accident or if your charging cable suddenly given up on you because of "reasons", you'll be having a bit of problem fitting your spare charger, specially if your charger's plug is short like most SAMSUNG cables have. I've tried charging using my Samsung cables (Note 4 and Tab 3) and they are both unplugging even if you plugged the charger's plug correctly. It's like the plug doesn't go all the way in. My Asus Zenfone 2's charger on the other hand fits perfectly though, since the charger's plug is a bit longer than those on the Samsung ones. So I suggest taking good care of the M2L's charger and never ever in any way possible lose it.

Second thing I didn't like is the location of the speaker. When playing horizontally, you will end up blocking the speaker.

The left side of the phone has the volume key present and the right side is the home of the power/sleep button. 


The first thing I tried on this phone is my favorite hobby, GAMING. I've tried some graphic intensive games and some 2D games to see if how will they perform on this phone.

The 2D games I've tried runs smoothly on this phone. Games like Inotia 4, Machine Knight, Zenonia 4, Clash Royale and Piano Tiles 2 runs good.

The 3D games I've tried however has some noticeable slowdowns and hiccups.
Asphalt 8 - Slow loading, framerate drops when the race begins.
Sky Force - You will notice a slowdown or framerate drop when there are many things happening on the screen.
Modern Combat 5 - The game is a bit laggy specially if there are many things happening at once on the screen.
CS Portable - Runs okay with just some slowdown from time to time.

I think the available RAM is the main cause for slowdowns on graphic intensive games. Though the phone have a 1GB of RAM installed, the users are only left with 500MB of RAM for their daily mobile needs. The other half is used for the system apps.

I also noticed that the top part of the phone where the earpiece is located heats up fast specially if you are playing a game while the DATA (3G/4G) is ON. My review unit is always getting the overheat error after some minutes of playing while the DATA is ON. Could be just my review unit..

The next thing I've tried was the CAMERA..

The front camera is loaded up with an 8MP camera. Check out the photos I've taken with the front camera below.

The front camera is actually nice. I also like the Face Beauty mode. It removes all the holes and pimples on my face, turning me from Jose Manalo to Alden Richards.

The back camera is equipped with a 13MP of camera. Check out the photos I've taken with the back camera below.

The 13MP back camera is actually pretty good. I've tried zooming some of the photos I've took on my Computer and I can still see the details from the photos. Check out the sample below.

I've also tried recording 2 videos with and without the flash and they both came out great. Check the videos below.

Hello Cat~ (w/o flash)

Hello Cat~ (flash)


The KATA M2L is perfect for people who love to use their phone for social apps, selfies and to those who love to watch videos and movies on their mobile phones. So if you want to experience using a big screen phone for a small price (₱5,999), then this phone is the right deal for you. Just do not expect anything nice on the graphic hungry games.

Round frame
Clean UI
Good front and back camera
Video recorder with flash!
Long battery life

The location of the speaker.
Phone overheats fast when 3G/4G is ON while playing a game.
Only have 1GB RAM available

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