Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Forgotten, Not Lost visual novel now on Steam!

Afterthought Studios is excited to announce that their next commercial project, a short kinetic novel called Forgotten, Not Lost, now on Steam Greenlight, a short kinetic novel around the theme of dementia and death.

An old farmer lives with his wife - However, he hasn't quite been himself lately. His mind wanders off, he forgets his daily routine and he often brings up things from the past.

Forgotten, Not Lost comes from the creators of A More Beautiful World and is a kinetic novel that tackles the theme of dementia and is a visual novel that hopes to bring tears into our readers' eyes, especially those who have gone through similar situations when dementia or Alzheimer's has claimed the memory of a loved one.

Set in a medieval world, take the role of a farmer, who has dementia and is slowly forgetting details of his life to the heartache of his elderly wife... Or is it that simple?

Steam Greenlight: