Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Universal Source Code Has Been Discovered On Steam In Real-Time Combat RPG 'Wanderjahr'

Explore The Source Code To All Knowledge!

Debut game developer Workyrie Game Studio is proud to announce January 18th as the official worldwide release date for Wanderjahr on Steam™, their ambitious PC-JRPG five years in the making, offering a comprehensive gameplay experience to its players with real-time combat, dynamic movement, true collision detection and much more.

Teaser trailer:

Gameplay trailer:

Wanderjahr tells the story of UN Jariya, a global organization charged with maintaining world order and peace. You see, a hundred years ago, the Universal Source Code was discovered - and its secrets and structure was the key to create a better universe in harmony and peace. With changes, updates and tweaking, the code could be improved to create a better existence to all, but alas, when you least expect it, two weeks before you are done, evil shows its ugly face, and monsters appear in droves with the intent to destroy everything you have worked for. Is this a coincidence?

Wanderjahr challenges you to take control of Team 736, a rookie response team of UN Jariya. In your crew, you have main character Wowa, a quiet and stoic Vanguard, who rarely shows her emotions, and you also have Lisp, a buster specialized in the power of frost. She is an eternal optimist never forsaking her hopes or dreams… Then you have Jasmin, a medic and skilled healer, great at restoring HP and capable of curing status ailments. The last of the 18 introductory players in the game is Bill, the Sentinel and a great team member using his powerful shield to protect your crew. Other key characters include the “C operator”, your guide to essential information and clues, and “The Matrix”, your secret weapon in special attack-power improvements and crucial skill-support.

Wanderjahr offers real-time combat with fluid movement and true collision detection. You will choose from a roster of diverse characters who respond differently to combat waves of monsters, with the ability to switching characters at any time. Each character serve a different role, and abilities vary to cater for unique situations and targets. You must learn to recognize enemies’ attributes, abilities, and behaviors to have a hope of staying alive. You can also learn from some of the monsters’ abilities, and their purposes are not limited to just combat. Your party can be improved using powerful artifacts that affect your individual members or entire team, and come with a variety of effects.

Wanderjahr is available for download from here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/434860