Tuesday, January 26, 2016

2 New Maps & The Experiment Mode Announced For Resident Evil UMBRELLA CORPS

Capcom has announced 2 new maps and "The Experiment" mode for their upcoming game, Resident Evil UMBRELLA CORPS. Resident Evil UMBRELLA CORPS will be available in PS4 and PC on May 2016.

"The Village" is the village appeared in "Resident Evil 4" where the US Agent Leon visited to investigate the disappearance of the president's daughter at the beginning of the game. "TRICELL HQ" is named after the famous company called "TRICELL" in "Resident Evil 5". "The Village" MAP is an area with many buildings, while "TRICELL HQ" MAP shows building with a vast site, they both allow players to play the game with variety of battle strategy.

The Village


Secondly, the exist of "The Experiment" Mode has been confirmed. It is a single play mode, which requires players to finish more than 20 appointed missions in extremely tough condition with limited equipment while facing tons of creatures. For creatures, Zombie, Cerberus & Ganado will exist in this game.