Friday, January 22, 2016

Life Is Strange Review (PS4)

Game: Life Is Strange
Developer: Dontnod Entertainment
Publisher: Square Enix
Price: $19.99
PSN: Click Me!
Retail: Yes
Also Available On: Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows

NOTE: This review doesn't explain a lot about the story or the background of each character, but instead, it gives you an information about what you'll be expecting in this game. I wanted you to fully explore and enjoy the game as it should be.

Life Is Strange is a game developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Square Enix. This game is a five part episodic adventure game that features memorable characters, story and awesome soundtrack.

Life is Strange is a story of a teen named Max/Maxine Caulfield, who accidentally discovered that she has a power to rewind back time after witnessing her bestfriend, Chloe, getting shot in the bathroom of her school. These 2 later on teamed up to find the missing student and to discover the hidden truth this town of Arcadia Bay is hidding.

This is not the first time I've played an episodic game. One of my favorite episodic game was Tales from the Borderlands and I thought that was the best episodic game I've played which I actually thought should be included in the GOTY nominees. But after playing this game, everything has changed. This is the only game that played with my emotions so much.

If you are familiar with the Telltale's games, then the gameplay is a bit similar to their games. Only here, you will not be fighting anyone, but instead, you will be doing a lot of rewinding to change the outcome as to your liking— and that is what I really like in this game. You have the ability to change the outcome of a scene by rewinding that event and choosing a different path or reply which will lead to either making that person your enemy or friend in the future. Your choices will also affect the past, present and future..... yes, this game will play with your emotion so much that will leave you with a hard question of "What if?". I most of the time find my self rewinding each scene and see where each choice will lead me.

If you are asking if you can move around and interact with the other people or object, then the answer to that is "Yes". There are also times where you will need to move to a certain location and rewind back time to avoid obstacles or to savae someone from his certain doom. Max's rewinding power only works on the people or things around her. When you use her rewind power, she will still be in the exact position while the others move back in time. This is what you should remember in some part in the game to progress as I actually forgot about it and was stuck for a while in a certain event.

One of the most beautiful thing I like in this game is the soundtrack. They fit perfectly with each scene. They brings out the emotion each scene is trying to potray. Love the final song before the credits. That's the time my manly tears started to flow.... *sniff

The graphics is great. Each character is detailed, the surroundings are detailed, everything is detailed. It will make you sit back and enjoy the beautiful scenery for a while. Well, there are spots where your character can actually just sit and relax.

Life Is Strange is definitely one of the best game I've played so far. Never played a game that made me have a hard time choosing the right decision and leaving me with crazy amount of emotions on each decision. This game offers 15 hours of gameplay for a small price and I think is definitely a steal. Grab it!

Score: 5 / 5