Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Knowledge Is Your Weapon In Innovative Turn-Based Dungeon Crawler 'Dungenious' Coming To iOS & Android

Learn The Dungenious Way With Custom Created Roguelike Adventures!

Indie game developer and publisher Noizoo Games is proud to announce January 11th as the launch date for Dungenious on iOS® and Android™ into German-speaking territories (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). Scheduled for rest of Europe and North America in Q1-2016, Dungenious is an innovative roguelike dungeon crawler featuring a unique flashcard learning system.

Watch the launch trailer below.

Dungenious challenges your knowledge in a turn-based quiz roguelike as you battle monsters, upgrade your hero and explore dungeons. Loot the dungeons for better armor and weapons! Upgrades include shooting fireballs, the ability to freeze monsters, time and much more. 3 dungeons are included, as is 15 magic skills and 8 different monsters and 3 types of heroes. To advance in the game, Noizoo Gameshas taken the engaging nature of fantasy dungeon exploration and combined it with flashcard learning elements, which allows you to progress and upgrade your game hero in real-life by correctly answering quizzes from a diverse selection of categories, such as films, language, art, math and geography. A total of 50+ topics are included with the download - all adding to the fun - and purists can even create their own using custom text, sounds and graphics. This is a great opportunity to students, for example, who can create a custom series of quizzes for the game, specifically tailored to learning the curriculum, while having fun!