Saturday, November 14, 2015

Typoman release date confirmed!

When letters comes across platformer's.

The developer Brainseed Factory and publisher Headup Games have announced earlier the release date of the two-dimensional puzzle platformer Typoman for the Wii U.

The game will arrive as a Wii U eShop exclusive and will be available for $13.99. Additionally, it will be 15% off for those whom have downloaded the demo back in June from the E3 Nindies@Home program.

You are HERO, the main character of this game and is made up of letters H, E, R, and O, set on a journey within a post-apocalyptic world using letters to shape your path.

Typoman is scheduled for release on November 19, 2015 exclusively for the Nintendo Wii U

- Typoman Official Launch Trailer -