Monday, November 23, 2015

The second batch of gameplay trailers for Dissidia Final Fantasy

Blade of light!

Based on the previous batch, Square Enix has shared five more trailers, in addition to the previous ones, for the main characters of their game; Dissidia Final Fantasy for the Arcade.

The latest footage features; Terra Branford of Final Fantasy VI, Cloud Strife of Final Fantasy VII, Squall Leonhart of Final Fantasy VIII, Zidane Tribal of Final Fantasy IX, and Tidus of Final Fantasy X.

As with the previous footage, each character is seen showcasing their own and respective skills and play styles.

Dissidia Final Fantasy is developed by Square Enix and will launch on November 26, 2015 for the Arcade in Japan.

- Terra Branford Gameplay Trailer -

 - Cloud Strife Gameplay Trailer -

 - Squall Leonhart Gameplay Trailer -

 - Zidane Tribal Gameplay Trailer -

 - Tidus Gameplay Trailer -