Thursday, November 5, 2015

Stella Glow gets a 3DS Theme for Digital Owners & a Hilda Trailer! Yay!

Atlus has a good news for the people who purchased Stella Glow in digital format! They are offering FREE 3DS theme!
The people who purchase the digital version of Stella Glow -- only available on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS -- will receive another digital gift: A 3DS theme feature Hilda and the other four Witches! This theme will ONLY be available as a gift with the digital version! The top screen features a scrolling collage of the 5 Witches, and the bottom screen features Bubu, Popo's loveable porcine companion!

And for the Hilda trailer...
It's so tiring saving the world! You get up, motivate your Harbingers to go out and start burning down villages, and then have to use up all your precious energy to entrap those filthy humans in crystal and protect the world from the scourge of humanity!

So the bad news is that her cursed song will annihilate anyone who gets in her path. But the good news is that the combined powers of the wind, water, fire, and earth Witches can reverse the curse. Unfortunately for Alto, those Witches, and the 9th Regiment, Hilda is well aware of this and intends on destroying them all. If her cursed song magic doesn't have you quaking in your boots, she also wields a deadly scythe and has the undying loyalty of the Harbingers.
Watch the Hilda trailer below.

Hilda1 Hilda2 Hilda3