Tuesday, November 3, 2015

KOEI TECMO Reveals New Information On Upcoming Tactical Action Epic, Arslan: The Warriros Of Legend

New ‘Weapon Arts’ System Allows Players to Create Unique Attack Styles; 
Additional Stages Revealed

KOEI TECMO America released today a brand new trailer and new information on upcoming tactical action epic, Arslan: The Warriors of Legend, which will become available across North America on February 9th, 2016 for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, and Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft. It will also be simultaneously available digitally on the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system.

Watch the new trailer below.

Since success in battle heavily relies on the prowess of individual characters, Arslan: The Warriors of Legend features a new gameplay element that helps boost the skills and abilities of playable characters in a unique and exciting way! Specifically, players will be able to use Weapon Arts to upgrade and customize their weapons of choice to a high degree.

Weapon Arts are effectively an attribute type (i.e. Power, Fire, Water etc.) that can be attached to a specific weapon. The more a character uses that weapon and gains mastery over it, the more special abilities and powers are unlocked. Since every Weapon Art has a different attack effect, players can combine various weapons with different abilities in a Chain Strike and create impressive and devastating effects in a variety of combos!

In addition, KOEI TECMO America has announced the locations of two more stages: the rocky slopes of Mount Bashur and the beautiful yet troubled kingdom of Shindhura.

Arslan_Battle_1 Arslan_Battle_2 Arslan_Battle_3 Arslan_Battle_4 Arslan_Battle_5 Atropatene_1 Atropatene_2 Daryun_Battle_1 Daryun_Battle_2 Daryun_Battle_3 Daryun_Battle_4 Daryun_Battle_5 Ecbatana_1 Ecbatana_2 Elam_Battle_1 Elam_Battle_2 Elam_Battle_3 Elam_Finish_1 Elam_Finish_2 Elam_Finish_3 Elam_Unique_1 Elam_Unique_2 Narsus_Battle_1 Narsus_Battle_2 Narsus_Battle_3 Narsus_Finish Narsus_Unique_1 Narsus_Unique_2

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