Sunday, November 15, 2015

Here are the first five gameplay trailers for Dissidia Final Fantasy!

Bathe in the light!

For the past few days, Square Enix shared their latest trailers for the main characters of their game; Dissidia Final Fantasy for the Arcade.

The trailers, as shared by Square Enix, features five of the Warriors of Cosmos namely; Warrior of Light of Final Fantasy I, Firion of Final Fantasy II, Onion Knight of Final Fantasy III, Cecil Harvey of Final Fantasy IV, and Bartz Klauser of Final Fantasy V.

Each character is seen displaying their various skill sets and play styles. From the current list, we expect that future trailer releases will be made chronologically. And thus expect Terra Branford of Final Fantasy VI to be next.

Dissidia Final Fantasy is developed by Square Enix and will launch on November 26, 2015 for the Arcade in Japan.

- Warrior of Light Gameplay Trailer -

- Firion Gameplay Trailer -

- Onion Knight Gameplay Trailer -

- Cecil Harvey Gameplay Trailer -

- Bartz Klauser Gameplay Trailer -