Wednesday, November 11, 2015

"God Wars: Beyond Time" announced for PS4 and PS Vita

A strategical-RPG set in ancient Japan with a mix of folklore and fairy-tales.

Kadokawa Games, the ones responsible for Natural Doctrine and Demon Gaze has announced an SRPG named God Wars: Beyond Time for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita during its fall media briefing today. It’s slated for a worldwide release in 2016.

God Wars: Beyond Time was announced last year as Project Code: Tsukiyomi. It’s a tactical RPG that depicts the conflicts and growth of the young leaders of ancient Japan. The game’s three nations include the “Sea Country of Hyuga,” “Forest Kingdom of Fuji,” and “Iron Nation of Izumo.” The game is a mix of Japanese folklore and fairy-tales, and the world is depicted in an anime-esque Yamato-e style. There will be over 30 classes, 200 weapons, and 600 skills. The game features character designs by Love Plus character designer Mino Taro, monster designs by Sawaki Takeyasu, soundtrack composed by Nitta Takafumi, and narration by Japanese actor Shiro Sano.

Watch the debut trailer below:

 Battle System


The game in action, featuring a strategical-RPG system as it's battle system.

 The Age in Turmoil

Kingdom of Fuji - The oldest kingdom, located in the center of Mt. Fuji.
Nation of Izumo - The huge allied nation, located in the center of the Mizuho countries.

 Country of Hyuga - The most emerging of the three countries, located in the southern part of central Kyushu.


Sakuya - Kaguya’s sister. She was offered as a sacrifice in order to appease the Gods in the crater of Fuji 13 years ago.

 Momotaro - The eldest son of Hyuuga king Amaterasu. He’s a hero of the generation, and accomplished in both the military and literary arts.

 Ohkuninushi - The eldest son of Izumo king Susanoo. He is a handsome man who speaks eloquently, and rumors never cease of his romantic escapades.

 Kaguya - Fuji queen Tsukuyomi’s third daughter and a priestess with a mighty hidden spiritual power.

The Gods

Phoenix - A god that symbolizes Mt. Aso in Kumamoto Prefecture.

 Okami - A god that symbolizes the mountain.