Friday, November 13, 2015

EXCLUSIVE: News on Towerfall Ascension for the PlayStation Vita will arrive soon!

Feel the excitement in the air!

Today, I asked Mark Thorson, the developer of the critically acclaimed archery-arena game and also the indie game of the century Towerfall Ascension, on Twitter on how's the progress of the game for the PlayStation Vita.

Matt shared that "it's progressing really well" and that "there will be big news soon, but I can't say more :X." Additionally, he also said that the Dark World, an expansion DLC for Towerfall Ascension that adds a ton of features to the game, will be available via DLC and will be a cross-buy with the PlayStation 4 version. Given this information we can say that there will be news of the game's developmental status by early-to-mid 2016.

Towerfall Ascension and it's Dark World Expansion has been released for the PlayStation 4 and Steam and a planned release for the PlayStation Vita will be announced soon.

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