Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Dinocide Heads To Steam Greenlight, Demo Now Available

Dinocide stomps onto Steam Greenlight with a brand new trailer, and dino-riding demo to play. 

Packing a NES nostalgia punch, Dinocide makes it’s 8-bit way to Steam Greenlight! Play through the retro-inspired world of Dinocide, in a journey to find your partner who has been kidnapped by an evil and mysterious dinosaur god.

Watch the trailer below.

In Dinocide, adventuring alone won’t cut it, but luckily, you have a variety of tame dinosaur friends that are willing to help. Take advantage of each reptilian friends diverse dinosaur traits to accomplish different tasks, while facing an assortment of obstacles and creatures. Whether you’re swimming in the sea, flying in the sky, or incinerating foes, each dinosaur can make you faster, stronger, and less likely to become someone's dinner.

Dinocide’s non-linear single player story lets you chart your own path through the large and diverse prehistoric biomes set between the protagonist and his goal. Complemented by a time and hunger-health mechanic, not only can you choose the location, but also the playstyle of completion you wish to harness.