Friday, October 16, 2015

Upcoming Nintendo 3DS Strategy RPG Stella Glow Will Get a Free eShop Demo on Oct. 27!

How Do You Stop the Witch of Destruction? You Bring a Group of Your Own Witches

First, you can all rest easy, because Stella Glow is getting a demo! The upcoming strategy RPG from Imageepoch (Luminous Arc series) will have its entire prologue available as a demo! Progress will NOT transfer over, but it will give players a taste of the strategic combat, voice acting, and have them bear witness to Alto's transformation from humble villager to a Regnant Knight when Hilda comes to destroy his home town. The demo will be available in the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS beginning Oct. 27.

And now the full website is live as well! Check it out here:

Plus, we have a brand new trailer of the four good Witches, Lisette, Popo, Mordimort, and Sakuya. Well, good may not be the most appropriate choice of words, since you'll have to "convince" the Witches to join you, which sometimes requires fighting them, but nevertheless! Their power and ability to wield song magic to control the elements is the one thing that can stand in the way of Hilda's tour of destruction. And we have a new trailer to show their powers in action - and how their elemental magic can absolutely wreck enemies on the battlefield. Enjoy!

Watch the latest trailer below.

Lisette (1) Lisette (2) Mordimort (1) Mordimort (2) Popo (1) Popo (2) Popo (3) Sakuya (1) Sakuya (2) Sakuya (3)