Monday, October 19, 2015

Summon Night 5 in 1080p? Tweeting to reduce the game's price on PSN? Craziness!

GAIJINWORKS Debuts Never-Before-Seen Intro Movie in 1080p,
Launches Innovative "Retweet Price Slicer" Campaign on Twitter

As the long-awaited North American release date of the English language version of Summon Night 5 draws near, GAIJINWORKS has shared a high-definition version of the game's dynamic intro movie on YouTube. The video features animation by the Ufotable anime studio and offers fans their first chance to hear the game's main theme with lyrics sung (and closed captioned) in English. This is also the first time the Summon Night 5 intro movie can be viewed in full 1920x1080 resolution. Before today, the 1080p version has never been uploaded anywhere, not even in Japan.

Watch the video below.

Also announced today is a unique "Retweet Price Slicer" promotional campaign that will allow fans to reduce the PlayStation™Network retail price of Summon Night 5 by Retweeting a specific Tweet from GAIJINWORKS' official Twitter feed ( The game's starting price of $34.99 will be reduced by $1 each time that Tweet is Retweeted a certain number of times, down to a minimum of $28.99, according to the following schedule:

At 250 Retweets: $33.99
At 500 Retweets: $32.99
At 1,000 Retweets: $31.99
At 2,000 Retweets: $30.99
At 4,000 Retweets: $29.99
At 5,000 Retweets: $28.99

In recognition of the fact that the digital release of Summon Night 5 can also be played on the PlayStation®TV console, each person who Retweets that particular Tweet before midnight on October 31st will also be entered into a random-drawing giveaway. Five lucky winners will be awarded a PlayStation®TV bundle consisting of a PlayStation®TV console, an 8 GB memory card and a controller.

Originally published in Japan by Bandai Namco Entertainment, Summon Night 5 is an award-winning tactical role-playing game for Sony’s PSP™ handheld game system. Its protagonists are the Eucross, a group of summoners who maintain order and balance between parallel worlds bathed in magic that ebbs and flows based on the phase of the moon. The playable characters are Arca (a female summoner) and Folth (male). Both are Eucross “rookies,” but their preternatural skills and charisma allow each of them to “Cross” successfully with any of four different partners: Dyth, Kagerou, Spinel and Pariet. Players can experience as many as eight different branches and variations of the story in repeated playthroughs, with different story arcs and Cross abilities that are determined by their choice of playable character and partner.

In September, GAIJINWORKS successfully completed its preorder campaign for physical copies of Summon Night 5 on UMD™. Each lucky gamer who preordered a physical copy of the game will receive it in a deluxe package along with a full-color manual, a multi-sided case insert, one of two giant 19" x 14" posters, a serial numbered hologram on the back of the game box, the game's complete original music soundtrack on CD and a code to download the game from the PlayStation™Network. Those who missed the preorder window will still be able to download a digital copy of Summon Night 5 from PSN and play it on the PSP™, PlayStation®Vita and/or PlayStation®TV.

Summon Night 5 has been rated "T" (Teen) by the ESRB and is currently scheduled for release in the Fall of 2015. For more information, please visit