Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Cinematic, Sinister Puzzle-Platformer Albert & Otto Releases Today for Windows/OSX

All is not as it seems as cinematic, sinister puzzle-platformer 
Albert & Otto releases on Steam

K Bros Games, a South African independent studio headed by young filmmaker Nikola Kostic, releases the first episode of its cinematic, sinister puzzle-platformer Albert & Otto: The Adventure Begins today on Steam (Windows and OSX). It retails for $4.99 as the first in four chapters.

Successfully greenlit through Steam Greenlight in only 5 days, Albert & Otto has shown to great reception at PAX East and PAX Prime, earning PAX Prime 2015 Best In Show from 4 Player Network and rave reviews from Entertainment Weekly and more.

Set in pre-World War II Germany, Albert & Otto seems, at first, to be about a boy on a journey to find his abducted sister. But it is not a story about saving a damsel in distress. It is about grief, anger, and the choices we make under those extreme circumstances. The game takes visual inspiration from Tim Burton's early stop-motion films as well as Schindler's List.

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