Friday, September 11, 2015

SUPERBEAT: XONiC New Screenshots!

New set of screenshots from SUPERBEAT: XONiC released!

Acttil and PM Studios released a lot of new screenshots today for their upcoming game, SUPERBEAT: XONiC. Check the screenshots below.

Lastly, acttil and PM Studios are attending Long Beach Comic Con in Long Beach this weekend
on September 12th and 13th! They will be demoing SUPERBEAT: XONiC at Booth #284. So, if you wanted to try this exciting rhythm game, visit them at the Long Beach Comic Con. They also said that they will have cool giveaway item!

SUPERBEAT: XONiC is coming out this fall in digital and retail release.

SBX_SS_20150902_(1) SBX_SS_20150902_(2) SBX_SS_20150902_(3) SBX_SS_20150902_(4) SBX_SS_20150902_(5) SBX_SS_20150902_(6) SBX_SS_20150902_(7) SBX_SS_20150902_(8) SBX_SS_20150902_(9) SBX_SS_20150902_(10) SBX_SS_20150902_(11) SBX_SS_20150902_(12) SBX_SS_20150902_(13) SBX_SS_20150902_(14) SBX_SS_20150902_(15) SBX_SS_20150902_(16) SBX_SS_20150902_(17) SBX_SS_20150902_(18) SBX_SS_20150902_(19) SBX_SS_20150902_(20) SBX_SS_20150902_(21) SBX_SS_20150902_(22) SBX_SS_20150902_(23) SBX_SS_20150902_(24) SBX_SS_20150902_(25) SBX_SS_20150902_(26) SBX_SS_20150902_(27) SBX_SS_20150902_(28) SBX_SS_20150902_(29) SBX_SS_20150902_(30) SBX_SS_20150902_(31) SBX_SS_20150902_(32) SBX_SS_20150902_(33) SBX_SS_20150902_(34) SBX_SS_20150902_(35) SBX_SS_20150902_(36) SBX_SS_20150902_(37) SBX_SS_20150902_(38) SBX_SS_20150902_(39) SBX_SS_20150902_(40) SBX_SS_20150902_(41) SBX_SS_20150902_(42) SBX_SS_20150902_(43) SBX_SS_20150902_(44) SBX_SS_20150902_(45) SBX_SS_20150902_(46) SBX_SS_20150902_(47) SBX_SS_20150902_(48) SBX_SS_20150902_(49) SBX_SS_20150902_(50) SBX_SS_20150902_(51) SBX_SS_20150902_(52) SBX_SS_20150902_(53) SBX_SS_20150902_(54)