Monday, September 14, 2015

NIS America Released A New Gameplay Trailer That Shows The Unique Features Of Rodea the Sky Soldier on the Wii

The new trailer highlights all the unique features of the Wii version of Rodea the Sky Soldier!

The new trailer that was released by NIS America shows all the juicy gameplay that you'll experience on your Wii console. It also features the multiplayer mode that will be available in the Wii version.

Watch the new trailer below.

First print copies of the Wii U™ version of Rodea the Sky Soldier will come packaged with the Wii™ version of the game and a reversible cover in both North America and Europe. For the more hand-held inclined among us, the Launch Day Edition of the 3DS™ game will contain a limited soundtrack in a collectible box and will be available exclusively in North America. This title will be available in North America on November 10, and Europe on November 13.