Thursday, September 10, 2015

Koei Tecmo unveils Remaining Playable Characters For Upcoming Tactical Action Epic Samurai Warriors 4-II


KOEI TECMO America released today new information and a batch of new assets for Samurai Warriors 4-II, revealing the final group of playable characters and detailing some of the customization options available to players in this dramatic epic.

Completing the 14 exciting new episodes of the Samurai Warriors saga, the last chapters of Samurai Warriors 4-II revolve around Fealty, Honor, Fate, and War.

The central characters of these thrilling chapters were first introduced as playable in Samurai Warriors 4, apart from the fan-favorite character Gracia, who has been with the franchise since its second installment. Specifically:

  • Takatora Todo, a general who has sworn an oath of fealty to the Azai clan and vows to focus on living instead of recklessly endangering his life.
  • Lady Hayakawa, whose sense of honor and devotion to her family lead her to accept a cruel fate with bravery and a steady hand.
  • Yoshitsugu Otani, whose allegiance to the famed Mitsunari Ishida forces him to face a great enemy.
  • Gracia, an innocent young girl with a very unique goal in mind.

In addition to screenshots of the new characters, KOEI TECMO has also revealed customizable options for weapons and mounts that can be used in the game. Both weapons and mounts in Samurai Warriors 4-II have ranks and levels; players can combine similar types of weapons or mounts to upgrade their level and abilities. Combining high rank and high level weapons or mounts with those of the same elemental attribute can result in a "Compatibility Bonus" that allows the weapon or mount to break through the maximum level cap and bestows it new abilities!

These exciting features open up endless possibilities that provide a unique play-style for each of the 14 protagonists of this riveting war drama.

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SW4-II_Takatora01 SW4-II_Takatora02 SW4-II_Takatora03 SW4-II_Takatora04 SW4-II_Mount01 SW4-II_Mount02 SW4-II_Mount03 SW4-II_Weapon01 SW4-II_Weapon02 SW4-II_Weapon03 SW4-II_Hayakawa01 SW4-II_Hayakawa02 SW4-II_Hayakawa03 SW4-II_Hayakawa04 SW4-II_Yoshitsugu01 SW4-II_Yoshitsugu02 SW4-II_Yoshitsugu03 SW4-II_Yoshitsugu04 SW4-II_Gracia01 SW4-II_Gracia02 SW4-II_Gracia03 SW4-II_Gracia04